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Pneumococcal Vaccinations against pneumonia

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I hated to respond about reactions to vaccines because I feel they are important. I had the pneumonia #23 shot two weeks ago. Within 3 hours my arm began to hurt but I know that is normal. The pain got a lot worse. I began to experience nausea, vomiting, low grade fever and very unsteady gait. My husband had to help me to walk to bathroom, change clothes, etc. The next day I called my primary doc and was told if I was not any better in 5-6 days to call back. The next day was the same so went of urgent care. Was given a shot of ?? and prescription for prednisone. Within a few hours I began to feel better. The pain in my shoulder is still bothering me. I've been doing a little physical therapy to try to get full range of motion back. I am 74 and have NTM and bronchiectasis. Now I'm not sure about taking the flu shot but if I do will try to see if they can not give in my arm. I feel like the shot went into the shoulder joint. I'm very thin. I've heard that it can be given in the thigh. Has anyone ever gotten flu or pneumonia shot there?

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@fdixon63 That sounds a little scary and I hope you are getting the full usage of your arm back. Trying your thigh for your next shot sounds like a good alternative. Hope that works. Thanks for responding. Kate

@fdixon63 Wow! That is an awful reaction to the shot. I can understand your reluctance in going forward with the flu shot .. I am going to get the pneumonia but not the flu as last year’s flu shot was not very effective against many strains. Thanks for relating your experience. Hope that was the second shot for you and that you are up to date now. Kate