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Pneumococcal Vaccinations against pneumonia

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@sounder27 Thanks for your response. Yes…I had pneumonia 2 years ago and it was pretty awful. It sounds like yours was drastic! I am surprised to hear that you get the pneumococcal vaccines every year as I thought they were supposed to last 10 years? Maybe we are talking about a different shot. I am due the second follow up shot after last years shot. I usually do not get vaccines (no flu) but I think you are right that pneumonia is nothing to fool around with. I think I just needed a push. I hope you do well on the Aricayce.. Good luck and do keep us posted. Kate

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Alleycatkate. I don’t get the pneumonia shot every year. Just the flu shot. The pneumonia shot I got this year was due as I hadn’t had one in awhile. Doc keeps track.