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twosonmom (@twosonmom)

New diverticulitis patient

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Hi @twosonmom I'd like to join @thull in welcoming you to Connect. That's great that you are seeking out all the information you can with this new diagnosis.

@harper7745 @elle1233 and @fourof5zs as they have all mentioned diverticulitis in the past and may be able to offer you support.

Here is another discussion "Diverticulitis? Diverticulosis? IBS? Muscle tear?" that you may find helpful: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/diverticulitis-diverticulosis-ibs-muscle-tear/

Back to you @twosonmom, what are your symptoms at this time? How did your doctor land on this diagnosis?

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I have had diverticulitis several times with nasty pain on my left side. Last two months have been on antibiotics for 28 days. Still have ache, sharp pain at times, on left side and now on right. Pain comes and goes. I have also continued to lose weight. After I eat, the food seems to sit right under my bra line and causes bloating and hardness in my stomach. Nauseous several times a day. Now I’m trying to eat small amounts several times a day. Some days my entire colon aches and burns. I might also add that I have had digestive and colon issues my entire life. I will be 65 in December.