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Real Ear test

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JK, I cannot speak from experience but my understanding is that only a small percentage of audiologists use Real Ear Measurement (REM) to fine tune a hearing aid to match your audiogram. Here's a link to Dr. Cliff's YouTube channel that describes REM. I suggest you subscribe to his YouTube channel since he posts some very good educational information about hearing aids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHR0Oa6I-wY
Tony in Michigan

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Thank you, @tonyinmi This is exactly what I needed to know, great video. I am now subscribed too.
I am quite certain that at my current audiologist they do not do real ear measurements. They do some testing after I have the aids in but it's not nearly as extensive as in this video. I plan to call them tomorrow and cancel my upcoming appointment and make one at one of the Mass Eye and Ear satellite locations. It's about an hour away, so not very convenient if I need a slight adjustment, but if it will help me to hear better it will be worth it. I really like the audiologist I go to, she's almost like a friend, so that will be hard but now I do have a good reason to tell her why I am changing.

This video has me cautiously excited that maybe, just maybe, my hearing can be improved. What I am hoping of course is that they will be able to work with the Oticon hearing aids I already have since Oticon is one of the brands that they do dispense.
Thanks again.

@dsh33782 It sounds as if what your audiologist does is similar to what mine does, and that is not "Real Ear Measurements".

When I got these Oticons, I think it was almost 3 years ago, they had the latest technology in improving clarity which was why I switched from Phonaks to Oticons. The hearing aid center I plan to go dispenses Oticon, Phonak, and ReSound so I am sure out of those three, if they cannot program my Oticon aids to work better for me, they will be able to decide which will give me the most help.