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Real Ear test

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@dsh33782 Thanks for responding.
My Oticon Opn 1 aids were also an improvement on clarity from my previous HAs, but the directionality is not as good with these as it was with my old aids, Phonaks. With the Phonaks I could be a noisy restaurant and click that feature on, and be able to hear the other people at the table, when facing them, better than they could hear each other! I do not have the TV adapter, I don't watch TV that much, but I also have the Connect Clip which really helps in some situations if the person is willing to wear it. I have had people say that they did not want to wear it. I too had a problem at one point and the aids were sent back to Oticon, and sure enough the aids had a problem. The replacement ones made a huge difference.

So, did you have the "real ear" test? That's what I am trying to figure out, if it makes a difference so I should plan to go to an audiologist who does it. From what I can understand that test is done after you get the hearing aids to determine if they are doing what they should be doing for your hearing. Is that correct?

Thanks, Don.

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My audiologist does do hearing tests with aids in, but it does not seem as extensive as the ENT hearing test in a sound proof booth.
But the report showed the same dropoff in hearing as I had several years ago. I have heard that Phonak may have current lead in ha's so will look at those as well as Oticon when its time to replace current aids.