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Restarting Effexor and Struggling

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Oct 11, 2019 | Replies (19)

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Hello all, I'm on day 11 of Effexor, it's still really tough. I know from experience these first couple weeks ramping up on a new med are really hard and this time is too, its like it makes me feel worse at first. I emailed my doc on Monday to give him an update on how I'm feeling and he said I would need to be on the med for at least 2 weeks before feeling any benefits and mornings are especially tough. i guess im just looking for some support 🙁 thanks.

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I’ve been on it 6 weeks. At first, it INCREASED my anxiety. But it’s now ramping down. Sometimes it takes 8 weeks or LONGER to help. In the meantime, do you have any benzos?

@doorman are you taking a benzo? those are tricky..they help. alot. however i think when i used them i became overly reliant on them and i felt bad, like i was abusing the xanax prescription my psych gave me. i called him in tears one day and was like 'im so sorry ive been taking the xanax more than i should can you please help me get off' sure enough he raised my dose of effexor and weaned me off the benzo with a higher half life one (klonopin) and getting off the benzo was so much easier than i ever thought it would be. if you work with your doctor and be honest with them it can be done but talk to your doc so they can recommend whether you should be off it or not. this must be done very slowly.

@doorman that is great to hear, for me klonopin helped over a short period of time and i didnt feel like a drug addict having to pop it 3 times a day due to its long half life. i am so glad to hear you are starting to feel better, today is the first morning for me since i started that has not been 100% awfulness, feel somewhat human (day 12). little by little, brick by brick.

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