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Fatigue and cancer treatment

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5CHOP therapy go to play golf and need to sit out every other hole. no energy to work out had 5 of 6 Rxs. Does it get better

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@anacreon The fatigue you are experiencing is one of the most difficult side effects of chemotherapy. But I am so glad that you’re still getting out and playing golf. I found this website that may have helpful information. https://www.lymphomation.org/CHOP-tips.htm
Course, you may not have lymphoma, but the information is the same for all cancers and chemos. You get outside and that’s very good, just please practice social distancing. You are in a high risk category. Becky

5CHOP I admire your fortitude as you deal with this very difficult side effect we all deal with. Does it get better? My experience says it changes. You are doing what is necessary to keep strength and stamina at your best at this point in time. With a goal to not lose ground you will realize other things you can do. If we focus on what we can do as you are, the losses seem less. If you call that better you will feel successful. Keep finding the good in what you can do as you accept your changes. That golf effort is more than many of us can do or could have done. Will you check back in with the other successes you see? Nancy

typo: R-CHOP

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