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Nancy, Alumna Mentor (@1nan)

Fatigue and cancer treatment

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@1nan – Believe it or not I have no pain so far with multifocal adenocarcinoma of the lungs. My pain is more emotional so being able to write and mentor for Connect helps me immensely. I also write a blog. Relieving stress is a benefit because stress is a big cause of loss of energy and stamina. I also need to increase my stamina and you are right, lifting weights are not enough, but are necessary for stronger muscles and bones. To increase stamina at home would need a more intense exercises. Increase speed, eliminate times in between sets. I walk up and down the steps in my house more often and I'm about to start riding my bike again now that the humidity is gone, or almost gone. Walking, biking, swimming or anything that will make your heart beat faster.
If you're out of shape and need a quick way to increase your stamina, make these five exercises part of your regular fitness schedule.

Stair climbing. Stair climbing can really help with your stamina. …
High-intensity interval training. HIIT workouts are really tough. …
Lifting. …
Cycling. …
Of course anyone who wants to do these and has limitations should make sure that they can do these without injuring themselves. There are tons of videos on you tube and a doctor's ok would be good, or a trainer.
Everything needs to be eased into, don't you agree? Does anyone have other suggestions?

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In June 2016 I was still working out at a gym. 1-1/2 hours 3 days a week, had been on trainer designed progressive program for months, then Neuro Surgeon said no more gym, and proceeded to add to his list. Even put pulling weeds on the list! (Yes, a favorite.) Thats when I started making my can do list, on my way home. At this point, bone condition is so poor, even on all bone strengthening drugs and IVs, that last neck fusion has pulled loose, spine shifted causing additional damage. Collapsed lumbar spine with crushed nerves is off the table.Thursday I have appointment to see what options are possible. He was named best on the east coast, with zero infection rate, so no need to go elsewhere. Have never felt fear since 2004 myeloma diagnosis, no need to start now. Just remind myself that God's got this and it doesn't get better than that! Great to have no anxiety, no depression. Body has stress but my mind doesn't. Some might call that denial, I know it is faith. Though I can't use your suggestions for now, you have probably helped many others with your wonderful post. Meanwhile, I am following weather predictions to decide which of 2 dresses to wear to outdoor wedding Saturday. Hey, it's a big decision, right? 😀
Thanks again. Nancy

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