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Nancy, Alumna Mentor (@1nan)

Fatigue and cancer treatment

Cancer: Managing Symptoms | Last Active: May 26, 2020 | Replies (23)

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@marvinjsturing Glad the mental fatigue idea is helpful, Marvin. The past two years I saw many days with plenty of mental energy, little to no physical energy. I used that opportunity to finish 5 books for my family, self publish for them and not sales and distribution. Accepting that activities take longer because of breaks and shorter "work" periods makes it all good. At 78, not a darn thing wrong with slowing down after a lifetime being an energizer bunny! 😝 You seem to have a handle on taking care of yourself while still giving to others. And your sense of humor shines through! Are you still feeling fulfilled? What works best for you? Nancy

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@1nan I'm a 5 year survivor of pancreatic cancer so every day of life is a miracle and a gift. My wife and I go out camping as often as possible. We also love going to visit the grandkids. Last week we camped just a few blocks from the grandkids. They came out to the campground several times. It was great…well, except for the tornadoes on Tuesday night and the thunderstorms on Wednesday night. Oh, and at 3:30 AM on Friday when the ranger came and said we had to leave because the campground was flooding. Other than that we had a great time!

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