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I have to deal with fatigue on a daily basis, too. I've accepted the fact that on most days I have to take a long nap. You do learn to plan for the fatigue. Last summer, my wife and I took an extended camping trip to the west coast (6 weeks). As we made plans, we made sure that our traveling days were not too long. And we usually made sure we stayed at each campground for at least 2 nights. That way, I had time to rest up if I needed it. @1nan , I never thought about mental fatigue before. But now that you mention it, I agree that it is real. Sometimes you need to shut down your mind and just do nothing. A couple of things that keep me going are singing old hymns at the retirement/nursing homes in our area and volunteering at our local hospital. I tell people that I've been a patient in just about every department, so I know my way around. During my chemo, I was there so often I asked if I could just buy a membership.

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@marvinjsturing Glad the mental fatigue idea is helpful, Marvin. The past two years I saw many days with plenty of mental energy, little to no physical energy. I used that opportunity to finish 5 books for my family, self publish for them and not sales and distribution. Accepting that activities take longer because of breaks and shorter "work" periods makes it all good. At 78, not a darn thing wrong with slowing down after a lifetime being an energizer bunny! 😝 You seem to have a handle on taking care of yourself while still giving to others. And your sense of humor shines through! Are you still feeling fulfilled? What works best for you? Nancy