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hi! yes.. I do have a sheet of questions. ( it is growing..ha). thank you for the suggestion of the diary. There is just so much. I hope the Mayo drs don't get frustrated with me.ha I watched a video on here a couple weeks ago pertaining to another of my issues.. so,, THAT made me have a lot of questions. Now, I have questions about the pre-diabetes vs thyroid. I"m sure my endo will have some answers for me but I am frustrated and a bit angry it has taken all summer to get in and get checked. It has been a long wasted summer.. sigh…..

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@mcmurf2 I am glad you have questions, and if you keep a journal/diary, that may help the doctors too. Don't look at the summer as wasted. I think some people have to wait longer than that, but everything I've read says it is worth the wait. The appointment with your endo may give you some answers or may give you more questions to ask. Just keep focused on getting answers and feeling better; that's important.Besides you getting answers, I'll be interested in knowing what all is involved too. I know we don't look forward to doctors' visits, but I think you will be glad to get some answers won't you?

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