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well,, yes,, pain,, but it is hard to figure out what is related to a bad fall I had a year ago ( blown discs, torn shoulder and back issues),,, and what is not 'normal' pain for that injury. I know my thyroid can mess with pain as well. There is just so much going on and so many different systems involved, I am having a hard time knowing what is from what issue. I have also suffered hair loss and of course, the wt loss, ( which I'm not complaining about..ha). Tired, not actually dizzy,, but ….um,,, funny feeling. can't explain it. Now, that could be diabetes or thyroid. I have been taken off my thyroid medicine due to it jumping into hyper mode. So, until I see my endo, I will not know if I went back to the other extreme or if this is diabetes. Too many things similar for 2 different issues. sigh……………..

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@mcmurf2 You have a number of issues, and I hope that the Mayo doctors can put your puzzle together and find the piece you need to gain relief. It seems that you have done all the right things for what you know, and I think now it's a waiting game until you get to Mayo and see the doctors for your problems and can know what is causing your discomfort and what you have to do deal with it. You don't have too much longer to wait, and that's good. Maybe you can make some notes of questions you want to ask so that you tell the ones in charge the whole story; don't leave anything out. Can you keep a journal of sorts for each day?
Any time you want to talk, post and I will get your message as will others who can offer suggestions too.