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@trellg132 Welcome to the Diabetes and Endocrine Group. My name is Carol,and I have Diabetes 2. It is good that you know you are prediabetic and you can take steps not to cross over into full blown diabetes. Prediabetes means you are very close to becoming a diabetic. Since you are pre, I assume you know your A1C and blood sugar numbers. To prevent getting diabetes, you need to establish a diet that eliminates all of the bad foods that raise the sugar in your blood. A really good source that I use is The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet book. Though it is for diabetics, like me, it gives information and foods for prediabetics also. I did not have a dr. who warned me about prediabetes, so one day I was not and the next day I was a Diabetic 2. It is a tricky disease, and you can avoid it through diet and exercise. Hopefully,you won't need medication. The first thing I would do is read about prediabetes on the internet. There is so much information that can help you know what to do. Did your doctor give you a diet to follow or suggest that you see an endocrinologist? Also a nutritionist can help you establish a diet of foods that are healthy and will keep your blood sugar in range. Most doctors say an A1C of 5.7% is pre. There are many questions. Will you let me know if you have other concerns before seeing a specialist who can prevent you from going into diabetes?

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My doctor didn't say nothing but I was I need more info no diet nothing left to figure out Wat to do on my own

No A1C levels I went back to see him for check up and he said nothing about it again