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hi! well, had a primary visit today. Asked her about that blood work that my psych was concerned about. My primary said I was NOT in her range. So,, don't worry about it..sigh. mentioned my eyes.. she said nothing. ( I think I need a new primary). I am 55. This past year has been one hell of a stress ride. I will talk more with my endo on the 11th of Oct. She will know more I"m sure. People are sort of joking with me telling me it IS my age with my eyes. BUT,,, like I said.. eye dr saw no changes… ( sigh again). guess I was worried about the pre diabetes for nothing. However, my sister and brother both got type 2 later in their lives.. sooooo,, it IS an actual concern for me. I will just have to keep an eye out for myself.

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@mcmurf2 At least you ruled out getting help from your primary. Sometimes that happens. A doctor isn't schooled in an area; I'm glad she admitted it and told you she didn't know. Can you choose another primary? Maybe you could find one who has a greater range of expertise and can help. I hope your endo will give you some answers and help. I think we all have a tendency to say it's age when it probably isn't. You've done a good job of ruling out two doctors who don't have answers. Now, maybe your endo will know or can send you to another specialist who can run some tests. Some doctor out there can give you a reason for your eye problem. Are you willing to follow through to get some answers?