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Neither did i

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I am older than most and have witnessed a number of experiences with bad health to make a strict nutritionist out of me. I watched my sister ignore basic instructions about diabetes as she gained weight and lost her ability to reason well. It broke my heart, and she died of several chronic diseases. Before that, I lost the battle with my late husband as he ate himself to death, ignoring diabetes and cancer risks and not following any doctors instructions. He was very uneducated, he was narcissistic, and his arrogance led him to believe he would outlive any threats to his health. His vision declined, and we noticed the dementia for about 15 years. Meantime I read and studied everything I could get my hands on to educate myself because it was useless to reason with my dying husband. In the end, he died a painful, death, and never reconciled with me at all. He was paralyzed and died in Hospice telling lies every minute he was awake.
His friends believed him to the end, and blamed me for feeding him badly. His constant eating was done in restaurants, and he was seldom home during the last year until the squad took him to the hospital less than two months before his death. There was also the alcoholism which he denied for many years. Few doctors will explain the terrible things that can happen to the body with these diseases, as they don't want to scare patients, and they don't want to lose customers. So we need to read, read, read, and ask many questions for clarification. A nutritionist is the best teacher, as well as an endocrinologist. We can succeed in having good health most of the time if we pay attention to weight, diet, exercise, and stress management. There are excellent books on the market, but I have found a couple that are unreasonably strict for my age and ability. My son and I support each other and stay on the success program. You will not die tomorrow if you overeat. But you can live a good life on the right program for you. Let's go, Team! Dorisena