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Final meeting with surgeon before my revision

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@contentandwell, @babette, Good afternoon ladies. I am also in the rabbit hole over bone density issues. Why, don't we as women have enough sense about us to know that post-menopause is time for bone density checks and other healthy human tests? I certainly had a huge gap in my self-advocacy for the 20 years I lived on the mountain. Now I am paying the price, literally.

I did not have a PCP because I had a PPO for insurance. Once I left the mountain and enrolled in an HMO program, I found an amazingly responsive PCP who rushed me in for a DEXA scan and learned that my numbers were sinking.

Easy...just take a monthly tablet, Boniva to maintain what you have. Ran into a serious reaction to bisphosphonates. That left me with Tymlos or Forteo and daily injections. With the help of an endocrinologist, I chose Tymlos and have tolerated it well. It is very expensive. Just how do drug companies justify failing to serve a market segment that needs their products.......by pricing their products beyond the means of so many?

I think I owe a lot to my support of Mayo Connect. Now I know so much more just by following members and mentors/moderators to learn from them. This is kind of a two-way street. So thank you @babette and @contentandwell. Please let me know how this program works for you. I will be an attentive student. May you find relief today from pain and suffering. Chris

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@artscaping I always stay on top of these things but when I had the bone density test in January 2014 no one told me that since I had osteopenia I should be having them every two years then. I believe from what I had learned that when my numbers got worse I would have been put on a bone saving drug, but of course that did not happen. To make matters worse I am on two drugs that have a negative effect on bone, plus lost a very significant amount of weight which also can affect your bones.
I have never paid attention to the discussions on these drugs but I guess I now have to go back and read them. From what I have read in my research it sounds as if most drugs only maintain your bones, not make them better, except for Fosomax. Do you know if that is true?
I have been told by a couple of people that this could actually be grounds for malpractice but I am not a litigious person, plus winning these cases is nearly impossible.