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I am so interested to see why they suggested radiation? I too have this Chek2 gene. Even though I have the lesser one T157 I see that this gene does not like radiation and that seems to activate it. I have had 2 cancers in 3 years. All the "easy ones." First papillary thyroid and now stage 0 dcis. I feel the RAI 131 radiation I took not knowing I had this gene set all of this in motion. Now I did a lumpectomy and they say radiation. Had I not known about the gene or had such a horrible, side effect laced experience I would not be as worried.

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@shelleyc, am I understanding you correctly that radiation has been recommended for you? The role of radiation and CHEK2 is confusing. From what I understand (I'm not an oncologist), having radiation when someone has a germline mutations like BRCA1, BRCA2, CHEK2 and ATM may increase the risk of radiation-induced breast cancer. But if you get breast cancer, radiation treatment is still a viable treatment option. See this article:
- How to Manage Patients With Moderate-Risk Germline Mutations https://www.hematologyandoncology.net/archives/february-2018/how-to-manage-patients-with-moderate-risk-germline-mutations/
"Regarding local treatment, there is no evidence that any of the mutations other than TP53 should prevent a woman from having breast-conserving therapy that includes radiation."

I understand your concern and suggest you to ask your oncologist about it. I'd like to learn what you find out.

@tcennoc3303 Did you have radiation? I assume you're finished now. How are you doing?