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Elizabeth (@enska)

Extreme Fatigue and Lack of Motivation

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@olivia22819 @artscaping @lonelylady @marysunshine When I was working, each morning I got there about pretty early, in order to do a beautiful walk around the complex. It was always quiet in the morning, with birds. Then I would write a haiku, or journal, and start my long workday. I was working for the Court system, so it was pretty stressful. As I gradually got sick, my walks became shorter. The stress mounted not only from doing less exercise, but not starting my day refreshed. The walks stopped altogether when I no longer had the energy to do them. It was proven to me personally that the exercise is a big factor for me feeling better, and I am walking again. It feels good, and now when I have to miss a day [like today, due to early doctor appt], I look forward to tomorrow in order to get back into the swing. I want to work up to walking in to town to the post office, and home again!

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Oh wow! Who knew. I’m glad to hear that you are looking forward to it and getting back in the stride of it all. I’m finding it’s very important to have a exercise routine when you have a stressful job 😆

I have a problem though. I work from home and start at 5 in the morning. I would like to do something before work to help my mood but I am unable to get up earlier than I have too. I’m irritable in the mornings.