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Post prostatectomy: What do rising PSA levels mean?

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Welcome to the Prostate Cancer group, @hoard.
You ask a good question. What can rising PSA levels means years after having had a prostatectomy?
There are several reasons why one's PSA level may rise after being stable for a time. This article explains it well:
– PSA levels after prostatectomy https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323899.php

Here's an excerpt from the article:
"Seeing a rise in PSA level does not always mean that prostate cancer is returning or spreading. The test is very sensitive and can pick up small changes in PSA levels. Doctors will usually want to know how quickly levels of PSA in the blood are rising. To find this out, a person will need to have regular PSA tests. If levels of PSA remain stable or rise very slowly, treatment may not be necessary.

In some cases, high PSA levels in the blood are not due to cancer cells. Some factors that can affect PSA levels include:
– older age
– ethnicity
– medication
A doctor will take these factors and the person's medical history into account when looking at test results. This can help them decide if PSA levels are high enough to cause concern."

The PSA test alone is not enough to determine cause or next steps. Your doctor will likely consult with your husband and possibly order other tests. How long ago did your husband have his surgery? Did he have other treatments after surgery? Do you have a followup appointment schedule with his oncologist?

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Hello Colleen. I had my prostate removed September of 2019. Robotically! Awesome process! PSA level before surgery was 7.50. 3 months after surgery 2.50. Finished radiation treatments May 14th 2021. One month after radiation PSA is 3.28. Do we think this just to soon to check my numbers or should I be concerned?

I would like to update my treatment. Been on orogovyx for 78 days. Testosterone down fm 255 to 42. Have had 8 of 36 srt, psa down fm .28 to undetectable. Appears to b good signs. Comments please.