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Hello @alizawerner, and welcome to Connect. I'd like to invite a few members back to Connect that previously talked about rhabdomyolysis. @bonnieh, @jerry4info, and @pamelars60 all mentioned rhabdo in the past.

Here are a few other discussions on Connect you may find interesting according to your other diagnoses as well:

– Chronic Pain > Feeling at my whits end with chronic pain and fibromyalgia > https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/feeling-at-my-with-end-with-chronic-pain-and-fibromyalgia/
– Chronic Pain > Fibromyalgia > https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/fibromyalgia-3/

@alizawerner, how does your fibromyalgia play affect or associate to your rhabdomyolosis? With both diseases causing muscle pains, have your providers been able to pinpoint the cause, or do they think it is a combination of both?

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Hi Justin,
Thanks so much for the reply and hoping to connect with any of the folks you mentioned, if possible.

I saw that thread in Chronic Pain about fibro, thanks again for linking it.

I was diagnosed with fibro several months after rhabdo when my calves/legs were not getting back to normal. I have been treating the fibro since the end of February, but I have plateaued for the past several months. My specialist is confident that my medication will resolve all pain and weakness in my legs, but I am growing less optimistic every day. Rhabdo in general should allow people to heal, but I hit a ceiling and haven't made major progress since then. That's why I turned to Connect at Mayo. My therapist recommended I seek some discussion here. I am also part of the only two rhabdo Facebook groups (that I know of), and the accounts of people there vary wildly in experience, but there are many of the same symptoms, side effects, recovery process, etc. I have found that to be a very helpful place to gain some new ideas and insights, but especially for support.

Thanks again,


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