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Severe Pain after 2nd TKR

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My left knee TKR was 2010. The ROM went to 93, due to PT and at times less. After numerous "2nd opinions" I finally was told nothing was wrong with the surgery, I finally learned about scar tissue.. Two years later was a reconstruction and 2 weeks of home PT, followed by PT by an excellent therapist. However, after many months, the ROM was a little better, but still stiff and painful. I do stairs one at a time and walking is unsteady. Surgeon said no other treatment will be effective. At the same time, my good right knee is now bone on bone. Im afraid I'll have the same outcome. I was told that 1 percent of people in surgery develop excessive scar tissue. I need advice. Are the chances of getting scar tissue going to be with any surgery? I don't know where to turn.

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Hi @mclgracie – You have been suffering with this problem for a terribly long time. Having had two TKR's I know its not easy, but again, I didn't have anything like the problems you are experiencing. I've read posts from many people who did have problems with scar tissue. Here are a couple of threads that might help you:
The last one is on myofascial release. Some people swear to getting great relief from myofascial release and/or acupuncture. Have you tried either of those methods or any other alternative therapies?