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Severe Pain after 2nd TKR

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I'm sorry you're experiencing so much pain!

My first response to your post is: I'm wondering if you might have an infection. I'd call your surgeon or whomever is covering for him or her, now.

My second response is that maybe the PT is too intense/damaging to such newly traumatized tissue. In my 1+ year adventure into the world of TKRs I've learned that there are basically 2 approaches to PT. One is "no pain, no gain," the other is much gentler. The high pressure PT "circuit" didn't work well for me and I had so much pain afterwards that I would miss the subsequent session. I found a gentle DPT who has helped immensely.

I hope you'll post again after you speak to a doctor.

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@babette I have a really good PT. He watches my face really closely to see when I have had enough. He noticed that I was having more trouble withthis knee as well. I feel like their is a lot of fluid behind my knee and am wondering if I need that drained. It seems to be keeping me from bending as far as I would like. Being checked for an infection is a good idea. Although there is no redness or major swelling. I will be making a call tomorrow. Thanks for your input!

You are right about avoiding overly aggressive PT. My first one had me crying so hard. Another PP told me that should not happen. I switched therapy company, and found a very effective PT who worked me just hard enough to be effective. I gained 10 degrees every week! Too much Pain is not good therapy technique!