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Guess I need to get in on this. Im on the liver transplant section of Connect… as I am Stage 4 but not yet listed. Meanwhile..my caregiver/friend had his gall bladder removed last year and it has been a nightmare since. They now want him to have the Whipple procedure for a cyst in the head of the pancreas that could be cancer. He is having the CA 19 9 tumor marker test on Mon. When should he get a second opinion and how long will it take if the surgery is needed in a hurry? Dr. is well respected and does 145 year. Mayo Jax is where I would go but not sure how soon they would see him.
Ugh! Never a dull moment…he is scared and has no family. He depends on me as a sister and medical advocate..I am becoming medically very well educated..not by choice.
I will keep you all posted..best i can.

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That is a lot on your plate, @jeanne5009. You will likely have more information on Monday to help decide if and when it is time for a second opinion. Here's the contact info if you're considering Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63
Do you have a long way to travel to Mayo JAX?