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Autoimmune and allergy

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Hi @brie, I don't have the answer for your question but I thought I would share some articles I found that might give you more information on the topic.

Allergies and the Immune System

Connecting the Dots Between Allergies and Autoimmune

NIH scientists find link between allergic and autoimmune diseases in mouse study

@gonpros @beanie300 @looking4advice @fox940 @bac10 @lizwhite80 and @techi may have some thoughts or suggestions on your autoimmune and allergy question.

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It's interesting that you should write about the auto immune system and allergies. I was thinking of trying an anti histamine because of the reaction I have had to some injections I had in my scalp. They think I have discoid lupus and gave me injections which have had a horrible effect. My hair has fallen out in a big clump and I have itching all over my scalp which is now much worse than it originally was. My husband was suggesting I try an anti histamine.