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Scalp problems and loss of hair

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We are in Kapalua on Maui and have lived on Maui now for 30 years. I came here from England via Canada and my husband is American. Well, I am too now!
Yes, I cannot believe I shall be 80 next April. I try not to think about it because I still feel young. 65 is young these days.
Do try the ART but if you find someone on their web site I think you can see how much training they have done. You want one who has trained for the whole body and not just a part. They have helped me a lot with my chronic back problems and right now I am having treatment for my arm and shoulder. They have saved quite a few people from having surgery. There always seems to be something having reached this age. It's ok so long as it is not terminal! So far so good. I just need to get my scalp cleared up. I still want to enjoy life.
I will stay in touch and let you know what happens.

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@pollyanne @baxtersmom We went to Hawaii in October, 2017, Maui and Kauai. The only thing stopping me from moving there is that I would see my son and daughter even less being further away and more costly to fly there. My husband sort of dragged his feet about going but did it to indulge me since it was my first travel after my liver transplant, and I really needed it — my son suggested it because he was going to Kauai for a wedding so we joined him there.
Once we got there my husband became the one who now wants to go for a month every year! Pretty pricey, but maybe one of these years before we are too old.

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