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pollyanne (@pollyanne)

Scalp problems and loss of hair

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@pollyanne, I think my mom was about 79 when this happened to her. I know she was depressed about it too but hopefully you can find the answers soon. Please always know that we are here to help and to be a sounding board. I have found that no matter what your concern there is someone on this site who has some insights about it. So stay connected and know you are not alone. I suffer from chronic pain and this site has helped me so much.
Best to you.

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I have had chronic pain for years too. There are so many reasons why a person suffers this way. I seemed to start my pain from overusing my body when I was a fitness instructor. They diagnosed me with fibromyalgia but I am not so sure they are right. I certainly have something and maybe it is connected to my scalp problems. I do have some sort of reumatoid factor in my blood. I don't know the reasons you have pain but I find that a really good ART therapist helps me a lot. I am lucky and have 2 really top notch therapists on the island and they keep themselves updated all the time. The bad part is that they are expensive but it has certainly been worth it for me. You might like to look at trying it. It is called Active Release Therapy and some chiropractors use this form of therapy. You can go on a web site for the ART and see who is in your area. You need one of the higher trained therapists. They call themselves therapists after a small amount of training. Find a top notch therapist and give it a try.

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