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pollyanne (@pollyanne)

Scalp problems and loss of hair

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Yes, they have taken a biopsy twice and it didn't tell them anything, which seems odd if it is Discoid Lupus. I do have one of the factors in my blood but I was diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome years ago. This is another auto immune disease that causes dry eyes and mouth and some aches and pains. The blood factor could be misleading them. I don't have any oozy spots but the shampoo that seems to soothe is I believe an anti fungal shampoo. There may be a clue there. Last night when I couldn't sleep I put ice cold aloe that I had in the fridge on the worst area. It is natural aloe from the plant outside. It felt a little better but this morning my husband suggested his hydro cortisone ointment and it has seemed to have taken away the itch a bit. I have seen 3 different dermatologists over the years, but it was my new Dr who gave me the shots that exacerbated the situation so badly. I have Kaiser insurance and my past Dr left to go independant, hence this is why I have a new Dr, but I have paid extra to see what my original dermatologist thinks. I am wondering where else to go and that's when the idea of an immunologist came to mind. This is very stressful and I know how your Mother felt. I'm glad her trouble was resolved. I am 79 years old so I am no spring chicken but I have always been young for my age and I keep myself fit. I always had thick hair but I think that aging does cause the hair to thin, however not like this.
Thank you so much for taking the time to write and I will continue to pursue ideas. This is depressing me.

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@pollyanne, I think my mom was about 79 when this happened to her. I know she was depressed about it too but hopefully you can find the answers soon. Please always know that we are here to help and to be a sounding board. I have found that no matter what your concern there is someone on this site who has some insights about it. So stay connected and know you are not alone. I suffer from chronic pain and this site has helped me so much.
Best to you.

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