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Muscle atrophy from collapsed hip

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Good morning. Thanks for the info. So the second surgery (posterior) was worse? That's the one recommended for me by the only surgeon who will do anything. Was the problem because of the deformed hip and the muscles were attached differently? I ask because the doc said my abductor muscles did not seem "disrupted" although atrophied — making it seem as though they were adequate for surgery. I was told that the posterior approach only cuts the gluteus max muscle and the tensor fascia latae – not the minimus and medius muscles. You mention pain on the side of the thigh between the hip and the knee. That's where I had pain initially — never any groin or front thigh pain. I got probably seven sessions of Class IV laser through a chiropractic office and that pain went away. Perhaps look into that. I also see that the one doc who proposed anterior and was ready to operate at the first meeting has removed his online notes from that meeting and instead put his "I would not recommend surgery" (a 180-degree turnaround) as the notes for the second meeting. I'm thinking that docs do not like to be questioned. Only the posterior doc says (in two meetings) that I should get better and more mobile after surgery (posterior) although it will take some time and work. I am so confused! Would you say that your surgeries were worth it now — even with the pains and soreness?

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Sorry took so long to answer. Well in all honesty, either way was going to be with a life a pain. Before surgery I was always in pain. Outings became too much. And I’m only 56 years old…now I can go out, BUT, I take a Tramadol to ensure a pain free day. I can walk, for most part, without pain. The nerve pain can be a problem but with lidocaine patches and Tramadol I can endure it. Now I have to deal with my left knee!! Very bad arthritis and this too will be a major surgery due to what they drs did to it when I was 12. A whole other story of my life!! I just got an injection in my knee today cause I was having pain and walking was becoming difficult. Just a band aid for now! What I went through with my hip, makes more cautious scared to do another joint replacement!! It could be possible that the deformed butt muscle created a problem for surgeon, he never really said. It’s like he did his part in doing the replacement, nothing more he can do and has pushed me back to my pain management dr. 😞