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Muscle atrophy from collapsed hip

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Hi, @holybible Thank you for your thoughts. First, it appears my computer "autocorrected" what I wrote. I do not have a shattered hip, I have a collapsed hip and that makes a big difference. Did you have an anterior or posterior approach for your first replacement? I had read that anterior apparently has a risk of femoral nerve damage. Can any type of neural manipulation (Barral Institute has some info) help your nerve pain or has that not worked? I worry, too, about a dislocation if I do undergo surgery. I've heard of two people this summer who had several repeat manipulations because their joint dislocated. Which buttock muscles were atrophied? Gluteus max? medius? minimus? That is great (and encouraging to me) that you can walk without a cane now and can go to the gym. I hope your nerve pain can be solved soon.

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Good morning! It was both! I always walked with a limp, I felt like I would have to kind of force my leg to move forward. And my right butt always looked mis shaped. I was always self conscious about it. And When I wore pants the right side was always looser than the left. I had a hard time with pants fitting right. I have tried various injections into that nerve to help with pain & the sensitivity. currently I have numbness mainly on side of the thigh not whole thigh but in a certain area. I did have the anterior first then the second surgery was posterior. I believe that second surgery really left my butt muscle in bad shape according to my doctor he had to lift it up off the bone so I currently have some issues there. I’ve been working with a pain doctor and he is the one that did injections then suggested the spinal cord stimulator. I’m not sure just how much that really helps. currently the battery location has been my main problem, hurts when I lay on my back, when I lay on my side it has just literally been a pain in the ass!! I’ve not heard about this neural manipulation thanks for info I’ll be checking into that. I believe that again being short on that right side for so long has also affected the IT band. It has been stretched pretty good too, it’s been really tight and where I’m getting now my sensitivity is right down the side of the thigh by the knee so it starts like a little above the knee on the side all the way to mid thigh. It’s sensitive to touch. And side of thigh still sore. I can walk about a mile with inclines too. Pool is best to start with tho!