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Muscle atrophy from collapsed hip

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Good evening. I know what it’s like to have atrophy muscles. I have in thigh and buttock atrophy. This was due to deformed hip that was not letting muscles be used correctly. I had hip replacement and it took a little over a year to get off the cane. Muscles were weak and there’s been pain because I was a almost 2 inches short so dr gave me back almost all my length. So muscles have been stretched. The muscles are stronger but was a long recovery. I also got nerve pain. The femoral cutaneous nerve was either damaged or injured because I did have to have a total hip revision 3 weeks after first hip replacement due to dislocation. I think it was because my hip muscles were weak and didn’t hold new hip in place. After revision I had to be non weight bearing and no hip flexión past 80 degrees for 6 weeks. Was a very hard and depressing time for me. It’s been a little over 3 years now. Still have nerve pain tho. But am walking with no assistance and go to gym 3/4 x a week. If it wasn’t for the nerve pain I’d be ok. I’m on gabapentin and have a spinal stimulator I planted for past year and a half now. I wish you all the best.

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Hi, @holybible Thank you for your thoughts. First, it appears my computer "autocorrected" what I wrote. I do not have a shattered hip, I have a collapsed hip and that makes a big difference. Did you have an anterior or posterior approach for your first replacement? I had read that anterior apparently has a risk of femoral nerve damage. Can any type of neural manipulation (Barral Institute has some info) help your nerve pain or has that not worked? I worry, too, about a dislocation if I do undergo surgery. I've heard of two people this summer who had several repeat manipulations because their joint dislocated. Which buttock muscles were atrophied? Gluteus max? medius? minimus? That is great (and encouraging to me) that you can walk without a cane now and can go to the gym. I hope your nerve pain can be solved soon.