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patts (@patts)

C. diff relapse?

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Ho @patts, i sure feel your pain. Are you sure its a relaps? It took me a month to finally get over the symptoms. I had finished the meds but still needed frequent bathroom visits. Them finally after a month my bowels started acting a bit more normal.

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Thank you. I finished 2 weeks of vancomycin last Thursday and things aren’t back to normal bowel-wise yet. Encouraging to know it may be done or leaving. I still feel I should use gloves and Clorox wipes for awhile tho!

Well, I went full-blown waterfall diarrhea during the middle of the night, 🙁. My gastro appointment this Tuesday was cancelled since we had hurricane threat. Just called for a reschedule and they can’t get me in until the 18th. . Spoke with the nurse and she was going to talk to the doctor to see what should be done, not happy.

Can you tell me more about your experience? I have had Cdiff that went undiagnosed for 7 months. I am on my last day of 10 day dificid and but still have between 1-3 watery diarrhea episodes most days. But I can tell it’s definitely working, all my other symptoms are less also. Did you do retesting and did you still have diarrhea after your antibiotic treatment for the c diff? I’m worried I’m still contagious

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