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Herniated disc

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Do you know what drug they are injecting? I stumbled onto a video of Dr. Oz who I take with a grain of salt! But he said the FDA has never approved the epidural injection into the spine. I’m not real smart on this stuff but it sounded like there’s too much of a chance that they can damage the spinal cord if they don’t get the needle in correctly. I think if they are guided by a cat scan it’s much better. Is that what you have had? Did you have them done in Rochester Minnesota or are you from somewhere else? I would be going to Rochester if they ever call!

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@ktgirl I wanted to give you some feedback about epidural injections. They are not approved by the FDA, and it is true that there can be serious complications. I had a bad reaction to an epidural and it caused a stabbing electric shock pain in my hand and any time I moved, it stabbed me again. I was convulsing in pain right after the injection. I had to lay down and prop my arm on a pillow and not move. It took a couple months for the pains to stop. There was no improvement for the first week, and then the stabbing pains started getting farther apart. It happened because the injected fluid had nowhere to go and just increased the pressure. This was in my dominant hand and I didn't have pain there before. I refused to do anymore. The injections don't fix anything, they just lessen the inflammation from the problem. They do interfere with getting good MRI imaging, and I had to wait 6 weeks after the injection to get a new MRI. They may also interfere with healing. Healing a fusion and bone growth depends on inflammation to start the process which is why after spine surgery, doctors tell patients not to use anti-inflammatories.