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When to replace hearing aids

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Replacing Hearing aids….Response.
1. Lost of broken – can be fixed or traded in for another pair that is like the first
2. Even though the warranty is over, the hearing aids still work and you can still use them. As long as your audiologist can work with you and the hearing aids, they can be programmed to work with your hearing loss. This is on the assumption that your hearing loss hasn't changed over those 3 yrs.
3. Hearing aids have been improving and so have the various assistive listening devices that are on the market. You can use you hearing aids and have the audiologist show you the different devices that you may be able to use with your aids to augment what you don't have.
a. Live Streaming: from hearing aid to cell phone via t-coil – if your hearing aid doesn't have the t-coil in it, then a neck loop or headset could be used to hear through your bluetooth/induction hearing loop. New FCC rules just passed now require all telephones must be hearing aid compatible. Not all hearing aids have the telecoils in them because the copper wired is too big to put in the very small aids (especially the ones that go in the ear). All cochlear implants have telecoils and all behind-the-ear hearing aids have telecoils. These devices can hear in the hearing loop and are beginning to have the opportunity to live stream on cell phones. [I have been able to stream on my iphone/Resound LinX hearing aids for the last 4 yrs]
b. rechargeable batteries – good and bad depending on type of hearing aids you have. I have powerful hearing aids with many programs and requirements / demands on the iphone and hearing aids. The iphone has the app for the hearing aid. I would not be able to have enough power in rechargeable batteries for the hearing aids since I go often more than 10 hours in a day – wearing them and need my iphone to work them – so need a fully charged iPhone to have them working properly. It's a song/dance routine with the two of them I don't look forward to any 5g program coming up at the end of the year and I am speaking up about that.
c. again sounds, noises and working with your audiologist is the best bet because this continues to be a thorn in the side of all manufacturers. Researchers continue to refine and define and upgrade all of the hearing aids to dampen the amount of perceived noise that we hear. There are tools that we can use to help us hear near and far from us depending on what we specifically want and need. Remember, these devices will not replace our natural ears. We have lost that and will never get them back. They will never replace them to what we had but they are providing something that extraordinary at best. I have and there are mini microphones and devices you can use to help you hear around here. These are assistive listening devices. Ask your hearing aid stores and they can show you the various devices and tell you what you can use with your aids. All those people who have CIs are given their selection of devices to complement their implants so that they can hear around them. We need to do the same because we have to remember, our hearing aids can only really hear are few feet around us, if that. We need additional help with anything more. That's why we need to speak up about this !

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That all BTE hearing aids have T coils is not my experience/understanding. I got a Resound Linx three years ago that does not have a T coil (much to my disappointment). Last month, I got a Resound BTE Preza from Costco that does not have a T coil (much to the hearing specialist's surprise). Am I missing something?

Please elaborate about using a neck loop or headset if one's hearing aids don't have a t-coil.