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Don Higgins, Volunteer Mentor (@dsh33782)

Hearing loss due to wax in ears

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Could be a number of things. I once had a piece of Q-tip stuck in one ear (don’t use those anymore) which muffled the sound. Could be impacted wax. My ENT said I could use wax removal occasionally. He also suggested I use mineral oil for my dry ears which get itchy sometimes and affect my hearing.
Have you checked your tubing? I’ve had a hairline split in tubing and now I retube my own BTEs more often. I’ve had tubing get clogged and sound was going in and out.
You said it improved slightly when you syringed so it’s likely there is some blockage. I see my ENT every 4 or 6 months for an inspection and cleaning of my ears and the Audi checks and cleans the aids. I bought mineral oil and droppers over a year ago and find that semi regular use keeps the ear canal open and prevents any wax hardening. Your ear could be inflamed without you knowing it. Once had an inflamed swollen ear without any discomfort and needed cortisone ear drops.
Hope it’s not the aid itself and that it is a simple matter for the ENT to resolve.
Let us know what it is. If you have any backup aids...try those and if the result is the same you know it’s your ears.

Regards from FL Mary

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Following up on your comment about using mineral oil in your ears periodically does that mean that you can use your hearing aids with oily ears? Before my aids were essential I would wait a day and then syringe out my ears before using the aids. Now I need them all the time.