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Supplements and the Big 3

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Oct 29, 2023 | Replies (25)

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@tinaesims Supplements, multi-vitamins and probiotics are 3 different issues, I think.
Probiotics do seem to help me with the digestive issues while I am on the big 3. The flood of antibiotics is so devastating to the normal flora in the GI tract that I see a difference. If I lay off them for a week, it seems like I have constant, watery diarrhea. If I take them 3-5 times a week, alternating 2 different formulas, I just have frequent, loose stools. Live culture yogurt does seem to help, but less than the probiotic.
Multi-vitamins are the ones the docs think just mostly go out the liver and kidneys.
Specific supplements are targeted to an individual's specific needs. I take a divided dosage of calcium, magnesium and zinc because I am at high rick for osteoporosis and actually had too-low levels. The levels have stabilized and I am not showing any bone loss after doing this for over 10 years - I am doing well compared to my same-age cousins who don't take calcium. I also take a magnesium supplement to help regulate my (slightly) elevated blood pressure in lieu pf blood pressure meds I do not tolerate well. These both must be taken far from the time I take my antibiotics to avoid diminished effectiveness of the antibiotics, so I take them with breakfast and dinner. (I take my antibiotics at bedtime.)

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Do you take all 8 antibiotics at bedtime? That's a lot of pills to take at one time. I am on a 3-day-a-week antibiotic schedule, so that is 8 antibiotic pills on certain days. My doctor told me "take them any way you can get them down," so I take 3 after breakfast, 3 after lunch, and 2 after dinner. That makes it difficult to fit in calcium. Also, I've read that the antibiotics are more effective on an empty stomach, but I don't think I could tolerate that.

Totally agree with Sue. I also take some supplements (targeted towards deficiencies - not a multi) because of my kidney damage. I am on the big three and cannot live well without daily strong probiotics. Also vitamin D3 and K2, keep certain levels in my labs balanced, and sometimes turmeric for inflammation. I see an individualized approach to supplementing as best, based on tracking labs or outcomes. I'm also in Canada so definitely need the Vitamin D!!

Hi Sue, Just wondering how you took the Big 3. My Dr. wants me to take all 3 at once, Mon, Wed & Fri. I asked if I could start one at a time, a week apart to see if I had any reaction and he said No. I am worried now about having the Flu and RSV vac's , just had Prevnar 20. I'm pumping all this stuff into my body. I'm thinking I should wait to take the meds until after I've had the vaccines. I don't have any symptoms of MAC and it's nodular rather than cavitary. I value your opinion. Thank you so much.