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Stimwave user here: What's been your experience?

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Also, I'm so frustrated because I want to try cbd creams and such but honestly, I'd go broke needing so much coverage. Can anyone relate?

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You are better off just trying one great CBD oil, put under your tongue. The oil helps everywhere. I swear by it. Better than the Gabapentin, and other neuropathy meds. Let me know if you want info on a good CBD oil. Lori Renee

My spouse is a 100 disabled veteran sick and tired of pain. It runs our life everyday. But if u are looking for a good oil to put on your joints, it sounds weird but try pure peppermint oil. It really helps and it's cheap. Rub it on your spots and it feels like it goes through the bone and muscle. And heats up and lasts awhile. My husband still has alot of pain but he swears by it. Especially when he adds a heating pad. He has no cartridge in his 4 lower vertebrae and has myofascial trigger point disease all over his upper back going down to his rib cage. I go through peppermint oil like its water that's how much it helps him. Plus my daughter has a 47 degree angle and her spine from scoliosis and it helps her to. I hope it helps. we like to try all natural stuff since we've already tried the invasive pain medicine stuff.

I have chronic pain in the toes of my right foot. I had two prior surgeries on the toes, one June 2016 and the other July 2018. I had some pain in the evening in the right foot about a year before the first surgery. I'm sorry that I ever had either surgery. The pain is a burning pain caused by surgical scar tissue and nerve damage from the surgeries. The surgeons will tell you that you may feel a numbness in the toes. They were wrong, it's a burning feeling with occasionally a shooting pain the the toes. After a few visits after the surgery the surgeons will tell you that they can't help you and that you need to see a pain management doctor. I've tried every therapy under the sun including a spinal cord stimulator made by Boston Scientific in 2020. It provided a slight reduction in pain only so I had it removed a few months later. I am now working with a different doctor who does SCS made by Abbott Industries. I had the 6 day trial about 6 weeks ago it gave 50% reduction during the day time hours and slightly less in the evening. My back has been acting up so I'm dealing with that before I decide to try the permanent SCS DRG (neuromodulation) made by Abbott.