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Stimwave user here: What's been your experience?

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Thank you for taking the time to explain what did not work for you, @lorirenee1, as well as what has provided some relief. I know many members here are looking into a variety of therapies to try and help with neuropathy symptoms.

Some others who may be interested in reading what you wrote about what did and didn't work for your neuropathy symptoms include @lynnaustin @johnbishop @helennicola @sherryw @notborntoburn @rwinney @jimbotch @vradifegari. They may have some comments on their own experiences with these or other treatments, including the wireless spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation @donw200 talked about.

What have you found has the longest relieving effect, lorirenee1? What effect did you find the frankincense and myrrh had? Does the water spa help more with burning, pain, tingling?

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The Kratom has had the longest positive effect. The water spa is just soothing, because the neuropathy tires my feet very badly. The Frankincense takes away aching and throbbing. Good stuff. Lori Renee

My husband is a 100 percent veteran and he agrees completely about kratom. He learned about it when he lived in Japan. I don't know how much research you have done but there's of course different strains. And the red strain seems to be the best for pain but you probably already knew that. there's a couple other things that he learned in Japan that I cannot mention on this site but I can tell you that Japan is way ahead of America when it comes to pain therapy. The VA stuck my husband on morphine Vicodin Soma and about four different sleep medicines take a horse out. It took us about eight years but we finally got them off all of them. Now most of his medications are natural maybe not FDA-approved but natural growing from the ground. I'm so glad that this medicine is out there and it's reaching people that don't know about it.