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Stimwave user here: What's been your experience?

Neuropathy | Last Active: Feb 26 12:50pm | Replies (99)

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Hi Lisa, Thanks for the Kratom info. I have read piles of information about it, and I am very careful. I think it works better than many things, so it is good for me. I also think CBD oil and salve is very helpful. I did Scrambler therapy, and it worked very well, but only for about three weeks. I tried it again, and it worked for about two weeks. Physical therapy did nothing. Acupuncture did nothing. Gabapentin and Duloxetine do little. Lidocaine patches, prescription strength, help at times, and then not. I bought a three hundred dollar compounding cream, which did nothing. Frankincense and Myrr, for Neuropathy, bought on amazon, does help. Water spa is soothing. Just ordered foot massager from Amazon. Waiting for it. This illness is ungodly. LoriRenee

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Thank you for taking the time to explain what did not work for you, @lorirenee1, as well as what has provided some relief. I know many members here are looking into a variety of therapies to try and help with neuropathy symptoms.

Some others who may be interested in reading what you wrote about what did and didn't work for your neuropathy symptoms include @lynnaustin @johnbishop @helennicola @sherryw @notborntoburn @rwinney @jimbotch @vradifegari. They may have some comments on their own experiences with these or other treatments, including the wireless spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation @donw200 talked about.

What have you found has the longest relieving effect, lorirenee1? What effect did you find the frankincense and myrrh had? Does the water spa help more with burning, pain, tingling?

Dear LoriRenee. I echo the words of caution about Kratom use as it can do more harm than good for people. All the evidence you need is easily accessible by googling Mayo clinic and Kratom. Be well, Johnmacc