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Stimwave user here: What's been your experience?

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Hi, @lorirenee1 – I can imagine that having bad pain in your feet and trying so many things to help you without success must indeed be crazy. I am glad to hear you are finding some measure of relief. Just wanted to point out this FDA warning on kratom, however, so members can be aware https://www.fda.gov/news-events/public-health-focus/fda-and-kratom.

lorirenee – what treatments have you tried that were not fruitful for your pain?

@donw200 – if you could tell a bit more about the wireless spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation you went through, as lorirenee requested, that would be great.

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Hi Lisa, Thanks for the Kratom info. I have read piles of information about it, and I am very careful. I think it works better than many things, so it is good for me. I also think CBD oil and salve is very helpful. I did Scrambler therapy, and it worked very well, but only for about three weeks. I tried it again, and it worked for about two weeks. Physical therapy did nothing. Acupuncture did nothing. Gabapentin and Duloxetine do little. Lidocaine patches, prescription strength, help at times, and then not. I bought a three hundred dollar compounding cream, which did nothing. Frankincense and Myrr, for Neuropathy, bought on amazon, does help. Water spa is soothing. Just ordered foot massager from Amazon. Waiting for it. This illness is ungodly. LoriRenee

I first received a Boston Scientific trial SCS and it worked great! Then I was made aware that the permanent one required that the battery be surgically implanted into the area above my left butt/hip. That bothered me immensely. I then pursued the SCS made by Stimwave
because it did not require battery implant. The battery was part of the user controlled hand-remote controller that helps control the pain.
And it would require only one simple outpatient procedure—so I did that trial too. That 4 day trial was not enough time for me to decide so I went on to get the permanent Stimwave SCS, As of now, I think I made a good choice. Although I personally found the Boston Sci.was superior in stopping my right foot nerve pain, it was much easier to "install". And it works somewhat differently. It also has to be adjusted by trial and error (programmed), after it is permanently put in. I can wear it on my belt—-it is discreet looking and batteries need to be swapped every 10 hrs. It uses high-frequency waves to communicate to the spinal "wire-film" within. I think it will work better, but it's only been 9 days.

Please watch this short video about Stimwave SCS

Most of the FDA warns about kratom is bc of young people overdosing with other meds. When taken properly it really can help especially the red strain pill form. my husband and I after 14 years have turned to less invasive pain medicine and more natural remedies. and he's a disabled veteran that is messed up many different ways his pain levels go from 12 to 15. And the VA has not caught up to those SCS units yet. So basically we are SOL. My spouse just wants to stay away from the medication.