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Stimwave user here: What's been your experience?

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@donw200 I'm not an expert, but I do have a stimulator. Have you talked to your doctor about this? Unfortunately, too many doctors don't get the full disclosure thing. I didn't get pain relief until around six weeks. I thought it would be the same as the trial experience, but I couldn't do much on my feet for several weeks.

Patience is not something we enjoy. Have you ever seen a pain therapist? I did last year and came away with some helpful things, one being – focus on the pain and analyze its components. That seems counter intuitive, but it often reduces the level of my pain. I think about the area around the pain. I think about some part of me that's feeling good. My pain is a burning, tingling, sharp pain in my feet, so I break it down into the aspects of the pain. Acknowledge the tingling and find out exactly where it is. You get the idea. Maybe it would be helpful to talk with a pain therapist, someone your doctor has had experience with, whom they would recommend.

Hang on. Try to find a position of comfort. Don't listen to people who are clueless about chronic pain but think they're an expert. I know it's a worn out phrase, but accept the fact that some things take time, and the road is no fun.

I'll be watching for your progress reports.


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@jimhd, Thank you for that introduction to pain management. I have not been there yet, in part because I have yoga, meditation and mindfulness daily practice. I have been taught to welcome the pain and then learn from it. You focus on your pain and then analyze it. Pretty close….these mind/ body approaches.

I make the intent of my practice, some relief from pain. And you get another star for reminding us that it takes time. It took lots of time, even with Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) before I could walk a mile again.

Enjoy the evening. Chris