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revclint (@revclint)

Spinal Stimulator effect on the heart

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Hello @revclint, here are a few studies from the NIH – they may offer some information although they may not be precisely your situation:


I'd also like to invite @user_chf56161a, @seanivor, @laylabug, @barbbie, and @scruffy1 to share their experience with a spinal cord stimulator. @revclint, is this side-effect something you have discussed with your provider? It is interesting how you are able to "control" the palpitations based on whether you turn the stimulator off or on and it is something you may want to discuss with your provider. Are you using a stimulator for pain issues and does it work for that other than your concerns on your heart palpitations?

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Replies to "Hello @revclint, here are a few studies from the NIH - they may offer some information..."

Thank you Justin. Those articles were very informative.

My pain specialist want me to contact Boston Scientific's Support group to let them know what I've obsearved. I'll do that on Monday.

I feel better, with less arrhythmia when the stim is off. Or if it's a bad bout, if I turn the stim off.

Thanks for your help. I feel a bit more prepared to talk to Boston Scientific now.