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This post made me look twice -- sounds a little like me, actually.

Eons ago I had my GB out as it was very diseased and I'd had numerous very bad pain attacks in entire abdomen that would come on fast and end some four hours later. After it was over, each time I felt absolutely fine. Some people vomit or feel sick but I just had a rock hard abdomen and major pain. People say it's like the pain from kidney stones.

My other GB symptoms were annoying little ache under right rib cage, and similar ache in upper right back just below the shoulder blade. Those are classic GB symptoms.. Ultrasound confirmed GB stones/sludge and I finally had the surgery after putting it off for over a year.

After surgery, I almost immediately developed obvious reflux and now, years later, learned via upper endoscopy that I have a medium sized hiatal hernia among other problems (in esophagus plus stomach irritation from bile).

Many people say that hiatal hernia itself can cause pain. Had a routine colonoscopy months ago (everything was fine with the colon), BUT GI doctor said I have a "redundant/tortuous" colon. That means it's too long and has extra loops and twists. Many people have this but don't know it. And it can cause discomfort/pain and constipation, which makes sense. Studies show that many constipated people have redundant colon and it's usually a congenital condition. It is not an uncommon finding - many have this redundancy.

Ever since that colonoscopy I've had pain, sometimes significant, across mid to upper abdomen, nearly always occurring ONLY during a BM. Doc thinks it's from constipation but I do 'go' pretty regularly. It seems the act of just slightly 'pushing' (NOT straining) brings on the pain. Then for days I 'go' but feel no pain at all. It varies. I think 'pushing' even a little brings it on. It seems like a mechanical issue. But pain is felt in the areas YOU describe as being painful to you at various times..

The admin here is right -- it's very difficult to ascertain reasons for pain in abdominal area. So often it's a real puzzle to figure out. Agree yours could likely be from constipation and/or gas pockets -- or perhaps you have redundant colon like many of us. Sounds like just another abdominal mystery -- and there are many. So many organs in the area and it's frustrating for doctors. Note: I also had a CT scan of the entire abdomen recently and it revealed absolutely nothing so I know that while pain can be annoying it is often meaningless. I am one who dwells on 'ailments' so I find that trying to totally ignore weird pains and such is actually helpful and lessens the annoyance. Sounds crazy but I have a lifetime of evidence that I can, with my own mind, make just about anything feel worse than it is. Good luck to you!

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Thank you for the response. I always automatically think it’s my heart and panic