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Severe pain on TOP of feet

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It could be peripheral neuropathy, with me, it’s burning, tingling, stabbing electrical type pain on tops of feet. After several months of that it has moved to calves then onto thighs and just above (butt) recently. Currently using PEA, mentioned on this site, and CBD oil. Good days, fair and crappy ones!

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@wisfloj Your comments caught my attention because I had similar symptoms that were caused by spinal cord compression in my neck. An electrical type pain can be caused by pressure on a nerve. I had pain all over my body from this, but it started in my ankle and got progressively worse. I did have jumping muscles in my legs and pain. You might want to see a neurologist if you don't have a diagnosis. There have been cases of cervical stenosis where the only symptoms are leg and foot pain. It can come from compression anywhere along the nerve pathways from the spine to your foot. Some doctors miss the cervical possibility and think this only comes from a lumbar spine problem near nerve roots that go to your legs but that isn't true. I had spine surgery at Mayo and it fixed it Here is a study that explains the issues.

Excerpts from "Cervical cord compression presenting with sciatica-like leg pain" from the European Spine Journal
"Funicular leg pain is a rare presentation of cervical cord compression."

"Leg pain or sciatica is a rare ‘false localizing’ presentation of cervical cord compression and there has been only a few cases described in literature [1–5]. The term sciatica has often been associated with disorders of the lumbar spine and pelvis, and we often tend to overlook other parts of the spine in the search for its cause. We report two cases of cervical cord compression, which presented with sciatica-like leg pain. Each case is unique and different from one another in their presentation and concurrent spinal lesions. We hope that the discussion of these cases and the accompanying literature review will make us more aware of this uncommon presentation of leg pain in cervical cord compression."

There can also be problems with pelvis alignment that present with sciatic pain similar to a spine problem and cause nerve entrapment.
Here is our discussion on myofascial release physical therapy that can help physical nerve entrapment type issues.

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