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Feeding tube falls out.

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@walisky, did you get an response from your doctor regarding a permanent feeding tube solution for your husband?

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Not yet. If we don't hear after Christmas, we'll call again. Thanks for asking.

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My husband's doctor whose field is gastroenterology agrees that the balloon type of feeding tube isn't working out. He has ordered a different type. It will not have a long tube that sticks out so he will not need a pouch to hold it in place. I assume that means there will be a tube that will be attached for every feeding. The best news for me is that my husband will not be "put under" for the procedure. He will place it at the local hospital. We are looking forward to no more 2:30 am trips to the emergency room. This is another example of why it is important to personally research any problem and not wait for the doctors to bring it up. Another example is that I had researched new medications and found a new one that has been an incredible (though very expensive) treatment for his asthma.

The new feeding tube has been installed. It is a "button" type and it took very little time and effort to be put in. It has been great. He no longer needs to wear a pouch to keep the tube from hanging because the tube part is only clicked on while feeding. So much freedom. No worrying about rolling over the tube in bed. After feeding, I wash out the tube with water and let it dry until the next feeding. It should last for a long, long, time and the hospital has a spare just in case as this isn't something that they normally keep in stock.

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