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Feeding tube falls out.

Head & Neck Cancer | Last Active: Oct 2, 2022 | Replies (41)

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Thank you for your assistance. We will try asking more questions the next time this happens. I don't know if the emergency room could give us the name of the manufacturer. I assume that we are "stuck" with whatever brand the hospital purchases. Another type might require surgery if it is available. We were curious to know if this was a problem other people faced but so far no one has replied to say this has happened to them. This tells us that we need to be asking more questions and we will do that.

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My son has a Mic key g tube which is just a button with water filled balloon on inside to hold in place. Your tube is probably falling out because sometimes the water in the balloon deflates. You will have to add water with a small 5cc syringe (comes in the box with the button) which screws into the port on the side of the button. The balloon should hold about 4 or 5 CC's of water. Since you can't see how much water is still in it we just add water slowly until button feels right again. If keeps falling out balloon may have hole in it and just needs new button. We change our son's about every 6 months.

My husband had mouth/neck cancer last year. His feeding tube fell out twice which required visits to the emergency room. There is a red tube that is available to patients in order to get a tube in, of course, we only got one the last time it fell out