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walisky (@walisky)

Feeding tube falls out.

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Hi @walisky, I can imagine that this is worrisome. I'm tagging a few other members, like @gaybinator @karly @patriciagsr @alpaca and @jeffk, who have experience with feeding tubes and may have suggestions for you. You may also be interested in the tips suggested in this discussion:
– Anyone Caring For Someone who Uses A Feeding Tube? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/anyone-caring-for-a-feeding-tube-patient/

When you have gone to the emergency room, did they give you any suggestions about the balloon and how to keep the feeding tube from falling out? Have you contacted the manufacturer?

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Thank you for your assistance. We will try asking more questions the next time this happens. I don't know if the emergency room could give us the name of the manufacturer. I assume that we are "stuck" with whatever brand the hospital purchases. Another type might require surgery if it is available. We were curious to know if this was a problem other people faced but so far no one has replied to say this has happened to them. This tells us that we need to be asking more questions and we will do that.

Hi can you feed jtube on blendirized food?

Keeping it taped to your abdomen with a flexitrack or silk tape is the best way. Hopefully, you will not need it much longer. It can also be sewn in again.