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Anyone have Scleroderma?

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Ty, John for all the Groups listed, I’m very anxious, to read them all, I too have Raynaud’s & Scleraderma plus Barrett’s esophagitis, T1D(49yrs) Hypothyroidism, RA, severe anemia, Post HERS2 Breast Cancer W/Chemo & radiation & 2 sarcoma removed All right breast.
I’ve had phone call visits from Northwestern/ Scloderma Clinc (Chicago) I finally get to see one of these Doctors on July 28th, in the mean time they started me on Mycophenolate Mofetil , have you heard of this being used on Scleraderma patients ?

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Hello @sickirishlass, That's great news that you get to see the doctor July 28th. I am not familiar with CellCept (or mycophenolate mofetil) but found an article that discusses the use for Scleroderma patients.

How Can CellCept Help Scleroderma Patients?: https://sclerodermanews.com/2017/06/14/what-is-cellcept-and-how-could-it-help-scleroderma-patients/

Hi, @sickirishlass . I was put on CellCept several years ago. It was supposed to act like prednisone without the bad side effects . I slowly tapered off the prednisone and then had a big crash because CellCept wasn’t doing it’s job. Now I’m getting rituxan infusions and it’s doing a great job. I know that CellCept works for some autoimmune diseases and I just hope that yours is one of them