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Anyone have Scleroderma?

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@dycota13 There are a few other discussion where you can find other members discussing similar treatments. You might want to post questions to see if someone can share their experience or helpful information.

> Groups > Autoimmune Diseases > Raynaud's Syndrome
> Groups > Autoimmune Diseases> Scleroderma and Raynauds
> Groups > Bones, Joints & Muscles > Morton's Neuroma

Another seach tool I use that can be helpful for finding medical research types of information is Google Scholar — https://scholar.google.com/. It allows you to sort the links by year so that you can find the latest information easier.

Hope you find some answers and can give us an update after you meet with your new scleroderma team at UCSF.

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Ty, John for all the Groups listed, I’m very anxious, to read them all, I too have Raynaud’s & Scleraderma plus Barrett’s esophagitis, T1D(49yrs) Hypothyroidism, RA, severe anemia, Post HERS2 Breast Cancer W/Chemo & radiation & 2 sarcoma removed All right breast.
I’ve had phone call visits from Northwestern/ Scloderma Clinc (Chicago) I finally get to see one of these Doctors on July 28th, in the mean time they started me on Mycophenolate Mofetil , have you heard of this being used on Scleraderma patients ?

Thank you for your suggestion of scholar.google search. I have read everything I could find on the internet about PAH and just recently put the lung diseases and scleroderma the main cause of the PAH. The scholar.google was very helpful. My husband and I are both 69 years and he was diagnosed with PAH in April.