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@lorirenee1 Thanks you so much! I know how much MFR has helped me and continues to fix things before problems happen. If your body stays in alignment, you do less wear and tear on your joints. I remember the inside of my knees hurting when my pelvis was out of alignment which my therapist said would lead to wear that might cause a future knee replacement. Having information like that on how to prevent a physical problem helps me because I can help myself and age well while I am being proactive and aware of what my body tells me. This is something that most people can do if they get tuned in to the way it is and the way is is supposed to be. A good physical therapist who does MFR can teach you all that. Another thing that happens with feet, is the foot bones can get jammed together and not move when you take a step. The PT has a way to pull and manipulate that and get the joints moving again. The heel and ankle have a bunch of bones like rocks that fit together like a puzzle and they need to absorb some of the shock when the foot hits the ground. I'm glad MFR helped you and for a lot of people, this could be the key to a better life. You are so welcome! Share what you have learned so you will also help others. Keep it up and it will change your life.

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@jenniferhunter God bless you, Jennifer! You are a gift to me! I used the golf ball this morning, and have been pain free for 2 hours, and still going. Now to find a specific MRF therapist!!!! Do you know I even did Scrambler Therapy, and this works better? Who would ever know!!! Kisses!!! Lori Renee

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