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Hi, first time here. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative osteoarthritis. The spine has been particularly painful. 3 months ago, I had cortisone shots in the spine. Hadn’t laid horizontal in two months. 3 weeks after injections, I was able to lay down and sleep for a short time. Since then I’ve been doing back and neck exercises provided by Dan Abrams therapist. Sleeping in bed now and back pain is moderate. These exercises seem to be helping and I would highly recommend them for those with arthritis in the spine. I usually do back exercises every other day. I also got a Tai Chi disc recommended by the Arthritis Foundation. I learned the 12 step “Arthritis” section and recently started on the 24 movement version. Helped my balance, which at 73 years of age is becoming a problem.

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In waiting on my visit next week to see what we are going to do abt this

I am so glad to hear you are getting help for the arthritis in the back. I wish my doctors had been more educated about helping me as I would have done the exercises if they recommend them and I did have some injections at one point. They expected me to take addictive pain meds and wait to see what happened. I only got worse over time, gave up the pain meds, and went to the surgeon, actually two surgeons to decide what to do. It took three years for recovery and I am working on my balance problems now. Also I have nerve damage. Yesterday I found out I have a torn muscle in my leg. I have decided to give up most of the gardening. Breaks my heart to admit it and crushes my pride at not growing my own veggies after 63 years of gardening. It is good to hear about the back exercises. I didn't know the arthritis foundation had programs except for water aerobics. Dorisena